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Beyond the Baseline – Olivia Pearson

By: Alexa Pasquale My big is Olivia Pearson, or as I like to call her my medium, because we are pretty much the same height.  Anyone who has ever met her knows how kind she is to everyone. When we first started our practices, even though we didn’t know each other well, she would cheer […]

Beyond the Baseline – Rayvyn Helderman

Beyond the Baseline By: Hannah Jewell For a way to get us to bond even more as a team, we have “Bigs,” returners, and “littles,” newcomers. We all have one person that we all love and can cheer for. Let it be for one year or life, there will always be someone as our biggest […]

Lady Berries – Giving Back this Holiday Season

The Lady Berries took Monday off from practice to make some holiday treat deliveries. The girls delivered gift bags to LPD, Sheriff’s Department, and Logansport Fire Department. The gift bags were full of goodies that were donated by players and parents of the girls’ basketball program. Also, senior Maddie Dalton presented each department with an […]

Beyond the Baseline – Maddie Dalton

By: Elle Deardorff For my “Beyond the Baseline,” I am writing about my “Big,” Maddie Dalton. The first time I remember meeting Maddie was on my sister’s softball team. Maddie would have been 9, and I was 5. Then, I watched her play on a Logansport basketball travel team with my sister at Blue Chip. […]

Beyond the Baseline – Yilian Rodriguez (pt. 2)

By: Justine Brown Yilian is an energetic and fun sized girl with a bit of an attitude. She’s very fun to be around and she’s always cracking playful jokes. She’s very encouraging, sweet, and inspiring when it comes to sports and her teammates. She’s often helping me calm down or keep my head up during […]

Beyond the Baseline – Allie McClure

By: Emilee Cripe For my Beyond the Baseline I am writing about my big, Allie McClure. I knew of Allie in sixth grade, but when I actually got to get to know her I was in seventh grade. Allie has played volleyball starting in fourth grade, did hurtles in track starting last year, played softball […]

Beyond the Baseline – Double Trouble Edition – Justine Brown & Sarah Weinhold

By Yilian Rodriguez  Sarah Weinhold Sarah if a foreign exchange student from Saxony, Germany. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. This year she decided to play soccer, basketball, and possibly softball. I met Sarah during soccer season this year. She is an awesome soccer player. She has played soccer for 10 years. […]

Beyond the Baseline – Rebecca Mettler

By: Emily Moore Rebecca Lynn Mettler is a sophomore at Logansport High School. I was chosen by the coach to be Rebecca’s little and she is my big. Rebecca’s nickname is Becca. She was born in Logansport, Indiana and has lived here most of her life. Also, she has two siblings and she is the […]

Beyond the Baseline – Taylor Pasquale

By: Cassidy Muller Did you hear that? Hear what? Oh look its Taylor! Taylor Pasquale is my “big”.  I’ve known Taylor since I was little. We went to the same elementary school, so in a way it feels as if I have grown up with Taylor. Taylor is almost the exact opposite of her younger […]

Beyond the Baseline – Aubry Jackson

By: Skylar Coldiron Aubry Jackson is my little. She is a new student at Logansport high school this year. She started out at Lewis Cass, then to Carrol, and now she is here. We are happy to have her on the basketball team. Aubry played basketball 6th through 8th grade, sat out her freshman year, […]



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