Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Hannah Jewell

By: Rayvyn Helderman

For my “Beyond the Baseline” I’m writing about my big, Hannah Jewell! When I first met Hannah I honestly didn’t know what to think. She was super nice and motivating. Over the summer I went to volleyball conditioning and Hannah was there she was trying to help me out but me being stubborn I didn’t want the help. It also happened at basketball open gym. I found out one day at the open gym I would be a post player, so Alexa was showing me post moves then Hannah came over trying to help me also. I don’t know why, but I got mad, but over time we became friends.

I’ve come to know that Hannah doesn’t only love to play basketball she also loves to sing and read “it’s her escape” she says. She also likes to write; it’s a way for her to get her thoughts out. She has a church going family. Hannah doesn’t only play basketball, she does shot put and disc throw in track. Also, Hannah says, “my friends are like family”, “my family is important to me.” So, now I know who Hannah is – a very outgoing person.


Fast/Fun facts section


Food: Sushi

Color: Gold

TV Show: Once upon a time

Music: Contemporary music