Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Emilee Cripe

By Allie McClure

Varsity GBBall Booster Pic 2016

Emilee Cripe is my “little” this year on our basketball team and I couldn’t be happier. Emilee is a freshman this year, but despite her age she starts for our varsity team and does exceptionally in doing so. As a sophomore, I have only experienced one other year of high school basketball and I dressed varsity as a freshman but did not start. The past few years have been rough when it comes to our win to loss records, regardless, Emilee came in and was dedicated to making our program better (as are many other freshmen) and it is making a difference. Her constant hard work isn’t only making her better, but it’s making everyone better. I’m glad that I was given a little that pushes me to do better as much as I push her.

Emilee started playing basketball in fourth grade and played ever since. When I was in middle school Emilee and I played about two years of travel basketball together on a local team. Basketball runs in Emilee’s family. Her mom and grandmother both played varsity basketball all four years of their high school careers, and by the looks of it, Emilee will too. The team bond itself is great as well which could only bring positive things. This year we have already improved in many areas such as communication and overall effort and Emilee gives a lot of that. This year has big things ahead if we continue to improve and work as hard as we have been. All I see from Emilee is improvement and that’s all you can ask out of anyone. She’s always eager to get better and that will take her far. I cannot wait to see where this season goes with all the heart this team has this year, it will pay off.

The freshman class has been exceptional in stepping up and playing huge roles in the success of our team, on all three teams. I have nothing but positive things to say about Emilee because not only is she an asset to the team, but she is also a great person, friend, and teammate and there’s really no more you can ask of someone. I’m so thankful Emilee and I were paired together for the “bigs and littles” idea this year.


Fun facts about Emilee:

Favorite food: Chicken alfredo

Favorite color: baby blue

Favorite candy: Reese’s

Favorite tv show: Criminal Minds

Favorite subject: Math

Mine and Emily’s birthdays are one day apart (mine is 3/19/01 and hers is 3/20/02)