Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Alyssa Tincher

By: Hunter Hamm

Is that flash, Lightning McQueen, speedy Gonzales, oh wait, that’s Alyssa Tincher. Alyssa has been athletic her whole life. She played volleyball from fourth to ninth grade. Then her sophomore year she decided that it wasn’t really for her anymore, so she started playing soccer. She has been playing soccer for two years now. Alyssa also runs track and field and plays basketball. She is a very outgoing person, he favorite word to say is “finna”. Alyssa also is super hilarious and she loves making others laugh.

Full Team 2016-17

She is super-fast and is always encouraging girls to go as hard as they can and to push themselves while doing sprints or any time of running. For track she runs the 4×1 relay, 100m hurdles, 100m dash and long jump. In 10th grade Alyssa randomly started doing hurdles and managed to become the sectional champ. Also, she helped the 4×1 team advance to regionals. Alyssa plans on attending college to run track at the University of Arkansas.


Fun facts:

Favorite Candy – Kit Kat

Favorite Basketball Player – Stephen Curry

Favorite Song – If I were a boy    By: Beyoncé