Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Emily Moore

By Rebecca Mettler

            Emily Nicole Moore, (Em for short), is a freshman at Logansport High School. She was born in Clearwater, Florida on January 18, 2002. Emily lived in Florida for 8 years. Em has 4 brothers and 3 sisters, she is also the second youngest in her family. In 2010, Emily, was adopted and moved from Florida to wonderful Logansport, Indiana! One of her favorite memories while living in Logansport was being able to experience snow for the first time with her little sister. She said, “My sister would never wear gloves because she always wanted to touch the snow.”

JV GBBall Booster Pic 2016

This year, Emily, decided to join the Logansport girls’ basketball team and Coach Cooper assigned her as my little! I was very excited to take Emily under my wing and begin a great season with her! Em is a very sweet, smart, and fun girl to be around. Surprisingly, we have a few things in common! Could you say twins?! We both love the color purple. I mean, who doesn’t? Emily also enjoys sleeping and watching Netflix as much as I do! I think we were paired together for a good reason!

I’m glad that Emily is my little and I’m her big. Seeing her grow and improve at practice every day puts a smile on my face. Just watching her shoot bunnies and making almost every single one of them makes me proud to be her big. One thing that I dislike is that she gets down on herself sometimes. I was that way once, too. Everyone makes mistakes and I know that over time she will get over those little mistakes and move forward. I’m very impressed on how much better she has become and I hope she feels the same way.


Here are a few more facts about my little:

Favorite Number: 12

Favorite Subject: Intro to Engineering and Design (IED)

Favorite Hobbies: Listening to music, watching Grey’s Anatomy, & playing sports

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go: Africa

Sports: Cross country, basketball, softball, & track

Favorite Music Artist: Chase Rice or Rae Sremmurd

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast