Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Yilian Rodriguez

By: Sarah Weinhold

For my “Beyond the Baseline” I’m writing about my big, Yilian Rodriguez. She is actually shorter than me but still my big. When I first met her we had soccer practice and I really didn’t know her. She was the first person who asked me if I want to be her partner. That’s how I met her and got to know her. So it didn’t take me a long time to start to like Yilian and we became good friends. She usually wore really colorful socks because she thought it would bring her luck. It was always funny for me to see her with her long colored socks. She has played soccer for 8 years and two of those have been for Logansport High school. I really enjoyed playing soccer with her and I’m glad to share the experience of playing basketball with her.

It’s her 7th year of playing basketball. She is a guard player and a very good teammate.  It’s her 9th year of playing softball and she has played 6 years for a travel team. So she likes to do different kinds of sports. She takes sports really serious and does a good job to cheer for her teammates. I like to hang out with her in my free time especially if we take videos for her school projects.

 Varsity GBBall Booster Pic 2016

Fast/Fun Facts Section

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite kind of music: Rap and Hip Hop

Favorite Sports Memory: when she got stuck in a mid-split this soccer season

Favorite Subject in School: Math