Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Hunter Hamm

By: Alyssa Tincher

I have the best little ever…she is a freshman who is apparently shy??? No way that couldn’t be Hunter. Yes, at one point she was shy but now she is very outgoing. I can always count on her to be at practice and I don’t think I’ll ever be disappointed with her in any way. Since I’ve known Hunter, I’ve learned that she’s so funny. One time she was at a volleyball tournament and she was really hungry so her and her friend ended up buying a cold box of pizza. That is definitely something I would do. Hunter has played sports since she was little, she has played travel basketball from 3rd grade until high school. Also she played travel volleyball for 3 years and travel softball 1st-now. She loves learning new things about basketball and in her other sports as well. She learned that high school ball is way different from when she was little. Hunter plans on attending college someday. When she is not playing sports she likes to hang with friends.


Now that Hunter has met me, she is very outgoing and is extra aggressive while doing drills and the games as well. I guess it’s because she met me. I think she has improved very well, even though she twisted her ankle like a month and a half ago. She bounced back very quickly! Hunter is very funny and I believe we will get closer as the season progresses on. On a side note, I’m the best big ever considering I got my little a birthday present! I have high expectations for my little and I know she can handle them. Hunter never disappoints, I love my little!

JV 2016-17


Favorite candy: Kit-Kat

Favorite Subject: Chinese

Favorite Song: It Won’t Stop

Obsession: Shoes