Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Alexa Pasquale

By: Olivia Pearson

JV 2016-17

“I like to wear large shorts because they make me feel breezy.” The quote from the one and only, my little, Alexa Pasquale. Alexa is a unique human being. When she was in 4th grade she was a point guard at D-one camp. At a game the ref was a little confused and made both teams set up at the wrong goal. Alexa, being as smart as she is, didn’t realize it, and the ref said “Shoot the ball! You’re at your own basket!” Alexa shot it and missed it about three times with no defense on her!

Alexa has a special laugh. She laughs like a dolphin in my opinion. It’s such a contagious laugh though! She can make anyone laugh/smile at any time. The whole team dances to this one song before every game, and Alexa just makes it the best! She gets her dancing skills from doing floor in gymnastics! Yes… she actually was in gymnastics. Her quick feet are from riding on her rip stick. Funny story about her and a rip stick is while she was on it, one time a bird pooped on her head, and she thought it was raining!!!


Food: French Fries

Restaurant: Chipotle

Color: Blue

Brand: Nike

Dessert: Sycamore ice cream

College: Purdue

Basketball shoes: KD’s and Kyrie’s