Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Aubry Jackson

By: Skylar Coldiron

Aubry Jackson is my little. She is a new student at Logansport high school this year. She started out at Lewis Cass, then to Carrol, and now she is here. We are happy to have her on the basketball team. Aubry played basketball 6th through 8th grade, sat out her freshman year, and is now playing as a sophomore.

Outside of basketball, Aubry plays a lot of softball. She plays travel ball, so that takes up most of her spare time. With the little bit of extra time she has, Aubry likes to spend time with her friends and family. I am very happy to have Aubry as my little.

JV 2016-17

Favorite food: mac and cheese

Favorite drink: slushies from speedway

Favorite subject: English Language Arts

Favorite sport: Softball

Favorite place to eat: Smokey Bones

Favorite color: Blue