Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Taylor Pasquale

By: Cassidy Muller

Varsity 2016-17

Did you hear that? Hear what? Oh look its Taylor! Taylor Pasquale is my “big”.  I’ve known Taylor since I was little. We went to the same elementary school, so in a way it feels as if I have grown up with Taylor. Taylor is almost the exact opposite of her younger sister Alexa. Taylor is constantly quiet and usually keeps to herself where as her sister is very loud and outgoing, but she always finds a way to get her point across and be heard.

Taylor has played basketball since she was in 3rd grade and ever since then she has fallen in love with the sport. The thing about Taylor is that as our school likes to call it a “triple threat”. This means she plays three different sports. She plays soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and tennis in the spring. Although she plays two other sports basketball is her favorite sport. Taylor has been very successful with sports. She played varsity soccer, is playing varsity basketball, and last year she played tennis, and the event she did was JV singles. She is a very talented individual who will bring much more success to Logansport high school.

Taylor is 16 and her birthday is July 6. She lives with her dad and her two siblings. Her sister, Alexa Pasquale is in my grade and has gone to the same school as me since kindergarten. Her brother, Tommy Pasquale is in 6th grade and goes to school with my younger cousin. Taylor’s goal for this basketball season is to get better at defense and her long term goals for basketball are to be the best defender on the court, win sectionals, regionals, semi state and get to play in state finals. Her favorite part of the program is the coaches who push us to be the best we can be every single day. After high school she plans to hopefully go to college on a basketball scholarship.  Something not a lot of people know about Taylor is that she lived in Chicago for almost a year and she has an older half-sister. Taylor is a very talented and a successful person that will bring a lot of great things to the world.

Fast Facts

Favorite Food- Pizza

Favorite NBA player- Anthony Davis

Favorite subject- Math

Favorite TV show- Greys Anatomy

Favorite song artist- Rihanna

Favorite sports memory- 2015-16 NCAA championship- Villanova topped North    Carolina for national championship on Kris Jenkins’ buzzer-beater

Favorite color- Blue

Hobbies outside of sports- none

Favorite holiday- Christmas

Favorite restaurant- Olive Garden

Favorite number- 11

Favorite candy- Shockers

Favorite movie- Hoosiers