Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Allie McClure

By: Emilee Cripe

Varsity 2016-17

For my Beyond the Baseline I am writing about my big, Allie McClure. I knew of Allie in sixth grade, but when I actually got to get to know her I was in seventh grade. Allie has played volleyball starting in fourth grade, did hurtles in track starting last year, played softball up until her freshman year, and does cheer. Out of all of these, her favorite sport is volleyball. Her favorite thing to do out of sports is eat and spend time with her friends and people she loves.

Allie started playing basketball when she was in fourth grade, and is still playing now. I love having her as my big, because she is always working so hard and looking to get better every day. In practice, Allie always encourages others to do their best and push themselves. When I was in seventh grade and she was in eighth grade, we both played basketball for Lincoln. On the bus for away games, she always made everyone laugh, and in practice she always worked hard. I looked up to her in eighth grade, and I also do now since she is my big!


Fun Facts:

Favorite Food – ice cream, mashed potatoes, and cookie dough

Favorite Subject – math

Favorite Color – blue

Favorite TV Show – Criminal Minds

Favorite Candy – Hershey kisses