Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Rayvyn Helderman

Beyond the Baseline

JV 2016-17

By: Hannah Jewell

For a way to get us to bond even more as a team, we have “Bigs,” returners, and “littles,” newcomers. We all have one person that we all love and can cheer for. Let it be for one year or life, there will always be someone as our biggest cheerleader. Let it be post to post, guard to guard, or post to guard, we all have one person that we have to lean on when times are bad, good, or it is just all around great. I would like to introduce my friend, Rayvyn Helderman.

When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse, but if she cannot or does not like the occupation, she will go into photography or graphic designer. Rayvyn also is in travel club and will soon be in art club. If she were able to do one thing in the world, It would be to help other fosters like her. Rayvyn wants to make sure that each one is able to lead a life of no trouble and wants to build a home of comfort, love, and safety that they can go back to. She wanted to “break a chain” of what her parents had done and has done so by changing the way she lives.

I met Rayvyn when I was messing around with a friend of mine. She was shy and nervous, but as we continued to talk, it was more of a calming experience for the two of us. I found out that she has a really big heart and would do anything to protect her friends. Over the summer of 2016, I recommended basketball to her. I thought she would be great at it with her height and thought she had some skills. When she came to an open gym, I realized that she would be a great basketball player just by season’s end. I have played with her in scrimmages and she is an amazing player. I just can’t wait to see how much growth Rayvyn has made from beginning to end.

Favorites: quick Facts about Rayvyn

Free time: Draw, Write, watch tv, and be creative with her mind

Food: Shells and cheese

Color: Blue

TV show: The Fosters

Music: Any