Multiple Teams · Beyond the Baseline – Olivia Pearson

By: Alexa Pasquale

Full Team (2) 2016-2017

My big is Olivia Pearson, or as I like to call her my medium, because we are pretty much the same height.  Anyone who has ever met her knows how kind she is to everyone. When we first started our practices, even though we didn’t know each other well, she would cheer me on and push me to be the best I could be. I don’t think I could have made it through the practices without the help of her running alongside of me and telling me that I could do it, which I thank her for.

Other than basketball Olivia also participates in soccer, cheer, and softball. She also enjoys going to church. A funny story about Olivia, is when she was little, if she ever got mad she would lay on the floor and bang her head against the ground. I didn’t know what to think of her when we first met, but as time went on we have become great friends on and off the court. She juggles school, basketball, and many other things and still gives it her all out on the court. I hope to be as motivating, and inspiring as she is one day.


Fast/Fun Facts Section


Color: hot pink and blue

Food: mac-n-cheese and ribs

Dessert: chocolate

TV show: dance moms

College: Purdue

Brand: Nike

Basketball shoes: Curry