Logansport Girls Junior Varsity Basketball

  • Overall Record: 1 - 0
  • Conference Record: N/A

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Beyond the Baseline – Rebecca Mettler

By: Emily Moore Rebecca Lynn Mettler is a sophomore at Logansport High School. I was chosen by the coach to be Rebecca’s little and she is my big. Rebecca’s nickname is Becca. She was born in Logansport, Indiana and has lived here most of her life. Also, she has two siblings and she is the

Beyond the Baseline – Taylor Pasquale

By: Cassidy Muller Did you hear that? Hear what? Oh look its Taylor! Taylor Pasquale is my “big”.  I’ve known Taylor since I was little. We went to the same elementary school, so in a way it feels as if I have grown up with Taylor. Taylor is almost the exact opposite of her younger

Beyond the Baseline – Aubry Jackson

By: Skylar Coldiron Aubry Jackson is my little. She is a new student at Logansport high school this year. She started out at Lewis Cass, then to Carrol, and now she is here. We are happy to have her on the basketball team. Aubry played basketball 6th through 8th grade, sat out her freshman year,

Beyond the Baseline – Elle Deardorff

By: Madison Dalton Sports give athletes the privilege of watching teammates grow and develop. Throughout the years I have been able to watch my Little, Elle Deardorff, develop as a person and player. I have practically grown up around her and her family. I first met the Deardorff’s when Elle’s older sister played softball. Elle

Beyond the Baseline – Alexa Pasquale

By: Olivia Pearson “I like to wear large shorts because they make me feel breezy.” The quote from the one and only, my little, Alexa Pasquale. Alexa is a unique human being. When she was in 4th grade she was a point guard at D-one camp. At a game the ref was a little confused

Beyond the Baseline – Skylar Coldiron

By: Aubry Jackson My “big” is Skylar Coldiron. She’s in the graduating class of 2018. Skylar has been playing basketball for 8 years now. She shows her dedication to the sport by attending each and every practice and game- even though she can’t play with us right now. One thing I have learned from Skylar

Beyond the Baseline – Hunter Hamm

By: Alyssa Tincher I have the best little ever…she is a freshman who is apparently shy??? No way that couldn’t be Hunter. Yes, at one point she was shy but now she is very outgoing. I can always count on her to be at practice and I don’t think I’ll ever be disappointed with her

Beyond the Baseline – Yilian Rodriguez

By: Sarah Weinhold For my “Beyond the Baseline” I’m writing about my big, Yilian Rodriguez. She is actually shorter than me but still my big. When I first met her we had soccer practice and I really didn’t know her. She was the first person who asked me if I want to be her partner.

Beyond the Baseline – Cassidy Muller

By Taylor Pasquale A lot of people probably don’t know this, but I’ve known Cassidy for a very long time. She and my sister are in the same grade so I’ve probably known her ever since she was a kindergartener at All Saints. Cassidy is the daughter of Neil and Bridget Muller. She has one

Beyond the Baseline – Natalia Osborn

By: Megan Benn Natalia Osborn is a 5’5 freshman at Logansport High School. She loves the game of basketball and has been playing since 3rd grade after her dad recommended it to her. Her main motive for starting basketball was she wanted to see if she could do it and become a solid player. The